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2022 Astronomy Graduate Student Workshop

2022 Jul 9 (Sat) - 2022 Jul 10 (Sun), Tianqin Building

Registration Deadline: May. 22, 2022 [register]

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About the conference:

Contact: 连东伟 任洁怡


  1. (中岛淳一)Junichi
  2. 陈春 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : Radiative diffusion in a time-dependent outflow: a model for fast blue optical transients
  3. Zhangliang Chen
  4. 成旭辉 (SPA-SYSU) : Topology and four-vector optical Dirac equation in generic materials
  5. 崔书航
  6. Zheng Fang
  7. fengfang (SYSU)
  8. 胡永峰: Study on the accretion and radiation process of 1A 0535+262 during the 2020 giant outburst
  9. 黄志琦 (SYSU)
  10. 黄路 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : The S8 Tension in Light of Updated Redshift-Space Distortion Data and PAge Approximation
  11. Wenjun Huang (SYSU) : Searching for Pulsar in the Gamma-ray Binary HESS J0632+057 with FAST
  12. Yanyao Lan: Three Types of Galaxy Alignments and their Dependency on Galaxy Properties in Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations
  13. 李彦 (SYSU) : Quasi-periodic Oscillation of Short Gamma Ray Bursts from Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers
  14. 连东伟: I want to be an astronomer
  15. Keyu Lu (SYSU) : Study on the inelastic scattering of dark matter particles and nucleus.
  16. Guoyuan Lu (ZhongDa) : Volume statistics constraint cosmological parameters
  17. Ruibiao Luo (SYSU) : galaxy-galaxy lensing study in VOICE deep survey
  18. Yi Qiao
  19. Lanlan Qiu (SYSU) : Predicting Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters Based on Machine Learning
  20. renjieyi
  21. Xilei Sun
  22. wangwenqin (sysu)
  23. Yue Wang (SYSU)
  24. Li Wang: Reanalysis of the younger stellar population in the intermediate-age cluster, NGC 1783
  25. Li Wang (SYSU)
  26. Xiaoyuan Xiao (SYSU)
  27. Cheng Xu: Possible globular cluster origin for a sample of N-rich field stars
  28. Gaole Yang (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  29. He-Wen Yang (Sun Yat-sen University School of Physics and Astronomy) : Multi-messenger Scenario of Double White Dwarf Merge: Gravitational Wave and Neutrino
  30. zhangzhaoxuan: Preliminary study of point source leakage template construction
  31. Shiqi Zhou: New pulse profile variability associated with the glitch of PSR J0738-4042
  32. zhuangJialun (Sun Yat-sen University) : Possible explanations for the late-time radio flare of ASASSN-15oi
  33. 陈劲鸿 (物理与天文学院) : Tidal Stripping of a White Dwarf by an Intermediate-mass Black Hole
  34. 丁佳成 (天文系) : Foreground Subtraction Method for HI-signal analysis, Mock for SDSS CMASS spectral galaxy survey
  35. 董仲南 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  36. 方严
  37. 冯焕雪: Systematic study of the enigmatic IRAS source 19312+1950
  38. 辰昱(Chenyu) 贺(He) (中山大学物理与天文学院) : The role of binarity and stellar rotation in the split main-sequences of NGC 2422
  39. 黄顺权 (SYSU) : Rossby Wave Instabilities of Protoplanetary Discs with Cooling
  40. 黄若云 (中山大学) : Multiple Populations in Low-mass Globular Clusters
  41. 姜杰腾 (中山大学珠海校区天文与物理学院) : Studying the solar modulation model with monthly cosmic ray data
  42. 金乾坤 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  43. 琚文杰 (物理与天文学院) : An exact relation for density fluctuations in compressible turbulence
  44. 黎绍宏 (中大物天) : Detection of the kinematic Sunyaev–Zel’dovich effect with DESI galaxy clusters and Planck in Fourier-space
  45. 李佶轩 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  46. 李程远 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  47. 刘艳芬 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : This is a test,这是一个测试
  48. 卢春燕: Spider 毫秒脉冲星双星的多波段研究
  49. 栾天成 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : Numerical study of cosmological neutral hydrogen 21-cm signal
  50. 莫俭锋 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : The dispersion measure of Fast Radio Bursts host galaxies: estimation from cosmological simulations
  51. 欧阳旭甲: FAST search for circumstellar atomic hydrogen
  52. 申荣锋 (SYSU)
  53. 宋瑞雨 (物理与天文学院)
  54. 宋燕 (物理与天文学院)
  55. 汪天睿: Stellar Feedback in M82-like Dwarf Galaxies Revisited with Renewed Star Formation & Feedback Model
  56. 王俊超: A Comparison between ΛCDM and Emergent Dark Energy Models
  57. 王道周 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : The distributions of the stellar mass content and matter of groups and clusters of galaxies
  58. 文永鑫 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : The spec2vec: an Efficient Spectral Encoding Machine Learning Algorithm
  59. 吴思睿 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : Inferring Dark Matter content of galaxies using imaging and spectroscopic surveys with machine learning
  60. 肖欣旭: The Self-lensing Effect in Pulsar-BH Binary Systems
  61. 肖良 (中山大学物理与天文学院) : Cosmological Constraints from the redshift dependence of the Alcock-Paczynski effect: a preliminary study about the influence of redshift errors
  62. 肖华 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  63. 谢灵华 (中大物理与天文学院)
  64. 杨奎禄
  65. 杨粒立: Berry phase of polarized light in a ray-accompanying local coordinate frame
  66. 姚征伟 (物理与天文学院) : The ultraviolet CII lines as a diagnostic of Kappa-distributed electrons in planetary nebulae
  67. 张辉铭 (物理与天文学院)
  68. 张旭盈: FAST observation of three AD Leo radio bursts
  69. 周欢 (中山大学天文系) : Constraints on the abundance of supermassive primordial black holes from lensing of compact radio sources
  70. 宗作立 (中山大学物理与天文学院)
  71. 张浩霖: Map Reconstruction With Conditional Invertible Neural Networks

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